Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First few days in the Tanks

So hueco has been alright so far. My tendon is still a little messed up (obviously) therefore I've had to steer clear of the crimpy lines ( most of Hueco Tanks) On the upside though I have been able to settle on 4 cool rock climbs I am syked to try and finish off. Full Throttle, Flamignon, Coeur De leon (finished today) and a small little project sitting in the East Spur Maze.

On our second day we all made our way out to East Mtn where Voges got really close to sending Slashface. We then ran over to Full Throttle to see how it felt. My first tries on the boulder felt really good, and i felt a send could be possible. Although i grew tired rather quickly and had to settle with coming back soon in hopes of finishing it off.

Then on our 3rd climbing day (today). We went out to the East Spur Maze. Brian A made a very nice ascent of Nagual, and nearly climbed Coeur De Leon just after. Then we made our way over to Full Monty which Brad polished off nicely, and i got sykd to get on Flamignon. After around 30 minutes i had all the moves sussed out, and began giving efforts from the bottom. On my 2nd try I fell off basically the last move, and the next go ( minutes later due to time) I fell at the same spot. So with that being the case i am VERY sykd to return, and am even more syked i have found a few boulders in the Tanks that don't irritate my finger.

More soon,


Scott Gross said...

Go Jimmy! Go Voges! Go and crush Hueco!
I've been a stranger for a while but, please call me when you get back east. It's been too long Jimbo. Let's climb some crazy shit.

Anonymous said...

try tactile style.... from best of the west

Daily doses said...

Going to check out Tactile sunday i hope !

Scotty ! I hit ya up when i return home.. it might be 20 degrees out, but im psyched !!

Kasia said...

sounds like a good old time at the Hueco Tanks! psyched for ya!