Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Hueco

So the hueco trip is coming to an end. The past few days have been really nice, just out climbing classics, and trying a couple projects. I never got a chance to make it out to Tactile Style unfortunately, but thats alright. It just leaves me with another problem to try next year. Yesterday Daniel and I went out to the East Spur Maze to try the 'Crook by the Book' Project. Which he is very close to completing, and will most likely end up as a low end 8b+. This project revolves around one very difficult move to a three finger undercling, and hard compression moves to finish. I made a couple really good attempts on the line, but grabbing the 3 finger undercling just isn't gonna happen right now with my finger the way it is.. I did almost come up with some alternate beta which involved lunging past the 3 finger pocket to a good sloper. That move is at my full extension, and very difficult. I got damn close on the move, but after 2 hours of trying i just couldn't pull it off. Again. Another for next year.

Tomorrow I fly out of El Paso at around 2:30, headin back to Chattown. From there it's christmas with the family, and off to Arkansas for a month ! Good times to come !


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