Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Hueco update

So on thursday we all decided to truck out to East mountain. Brion quickly finished off Slashface, while Daniel decided to put some effort into the roof project just below. I tried the project a little, but my finger just wasn't having the small right hand crux hold, so i stuck to spotting. After some sussing out, daniel was able to put the whole bloc together and called it Carol of the Bones, V13. This problem is really nice, and i am very sykd to try it next year.

We then rolled over to the dragons den so Brad, Brian A, and I could attempt Full Throttle. I was lucky enough to snag an ascent rather quicly, while Brad and Brian got agonizingly close. Brian is going back out there today and i'm sure he will finish !

On friday we went back out to the East Spur Maze where Brion and Brad were sykd to try Nagual and I wanted to try to finish off Flamignon. Both brion and brad made good improvements on Nagual, but brion got SO close.... falling of basically the last moves, due to the blinding sun in his eyes. A send was definite at this point. Yet unfortunately on his next attempt he was weighting the crux hold and heard a pop in his finger. It was pretty loud.. He blew it off at first, cause he was sure it was just his knuckle, but after he took a moment to himself he realized there was stiffness in the joint. Immediately the injury sounded familiar since I had an issue in colorado with my middle knuckle that kept me from climbing for about a month. Hopefully brion's injury is not the same, and nothing serious.

On a lighter note, Brad and Brion both were able to climb the Flame shortly after, and i was able to finish off Flamignon. It felt good to finish this one, since it's looked so impossible in the past. The crux of the Flame also broke this past year, making the last move to the left hand pinch much bigger, and more low percentage. It definitely doesn't up the grade, but just makes that last couple moves a bit more insecure.

Heading out today to North Mountain to climb on some randoms. Then maybe heading out to West tomorrow to try Tactile Style.


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