Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Shield @ LRC

Went to LRC today with some friends from Boone.. Nate, Jon G, Alex, and Brian.
From the start we had some intentions on attempting the shield. I was psyched to try this one again after getting super close last season! So after a few warm ups we decided to try the rig.
Didnt feel too hot at first but after some goes i realized i could send!
Just got psyched and fired it off.
This one is by far the best boulder problem ive done. and may be for a really long time!
Head'n to boone for a few days now! Good temps are coming!

Photos take by Kasia!

Jon G



Goulash said...

sick job this weekend dude!! Thx for showin us around and lettin us crash at your place. whats are ur digits?

Daily doses said...

Anytime bro.