Monday, October 27, 2008

Laurel Snow

So today went out to Laurel snow with Jeremy and Kasia.
Me and Jeremy were both psyched on trying a couple new projects! So after warming up in the riverdance area.. we started trying the proj. "Southern Draw". This line lies on the far left side of the Riverdance boulder. And after some goes Jeremy figured out the crux sequence.. which involves a really high left heel hook.. and right hand bumps of a series of terrible crimps. I was eventually able to link the line from the start to the last move... but was unable to complete the problem. So psyched to return to this one.. and after some close attempts, i believe that problem will be in the 8a range. Check back soon for hopefully some good news!!
Photos from Kasia!

Southern Draw
Biscuit chillin

So afterwards we decided to take the 20 minute hike back to Laurel Snow, with intentions of trying Jamies project that he cleaned a little less than a year ago. And after some treacherous hiking we finally arrived at the beautiful wall. Me and jeremy gave it some goes and soon realized we could both send! So with some major psych we completed the line in less than an hour!! Dubbing the new line "Western Gold" 8a. So amped on this problem.. and by far one of my proudest f.a.'s! I wish there were more like this...
Thanks again Jamie!!

The Send.
"Western Gold"

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hayden said...

hey ber its max.

fucking props on the send man, that thing looks like it belongs in switzerland or something...proud!

hope to see you in hueco, when are you getting down there?