Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LRC Sickness

Went to Lrc today with Jeremy. Not to climb. but to witness one of the sickest, most impressive 3 hours of straight destruction ive seen in a while. The day started around 10 oclock as jeremy warmed up in the front. Afterwards we walked back towards the Super mario bloc.. which has a long standing project going staight up the middle. Jeremy had told me he had attempted the proj. over the last few days. and had completed all the moves. Needless to say i was super psyched to come out n witness the sickness. and after a few scrubs and a couple tics. He sent first go. Dubbing the new, more than worthy addition to the south. "Jeremiah" V11
So sick!.

So then after the quick dispatch. Jeremy felt psyched.. and strong. So we continued onwards to the back 9. and in a few tries he also dispatched The Shield v12. So psyched on today! and super motivated. Tomorrow i will head out to lrc to attempt the new Jeremiah. Congrats to Jeremy on the sick sends.
Ladies... this ones single.



Anonymous said...

sickness indeed.

Max said...

holy shit kids!!! psyched that my friends are crushing. time to join the club...

Wes said...

I want to start getting some footage now that its cold. Holla at a bro.

Daily doses said...

totally. get gross n get on down. I leave for hueco in less than a month.

Wes said...

678-643-3830. Gross quit climbing. He rides his scooter now.