Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obed, Tn

So we just got in from climbing at the Obed.. which ended up being a KILLER time!
Energy was high, and half the time my cheeks were on fire from laughing so hard..
But anyway.. we kicked of the day kinda warming up around the KB bloc (preferred).
Then we made our way down to the Classic 7b+ Jack Slap, which everyone dispatched rather quickly.
Next we went over to the Hume Problem,7c/+. which i was uber syked to get on.. after trying it briefly 2 years prior.  I was surprised on how it went! 1st go i found myself throwing at the crux move, which involves a semi awkward lunge off an undercling to a hidden shallow pocket.
And 2nd go, i was on top!  I must say.. in the past few years, i've climbed the majority of the problems in the Lilly Boulders.. and after completing the Hume problem i can for sure say its THE best in the field.  If your visiting... you must try this boulder!! 

So after that we walked up to O.P.P, 7a+.  First to fire the rig was Gunks Local Paul ?. Then Tommy crushed, then Kasia.. . and I also repeated the area classic.
Then we went down to a low roof traverse called Mojo, 7c. Everyone was syked and giving it some goes.. Though Travis and I had already sent the boulder, we were also gett'n in! In the end Paul sent, and I repeated.
After that we walked over to a hard roof climb that they call Recluse, 8a. The problem looked incredible, and i was syked to give it some efforts.. despite the last 3 holds being damp..
I worked out the bottom sequence on my 2nd try, and was falling off the last throw to the slopey jug.. I hate to make excuses but after 6 tries from the start slipping off the jug.. i decided it was a little too damp? ha.
Anyway.. after that we walked up to a cool ass roof climb that i can't remember the name of right now.. but it runs at around 7b+, and Big T Money straight smashed that rig!! 
Then we finished off the day doing a cool boulder called Johnson City Right.
Day was good! Like I knew it would be.

Im out,


TMoney said...


TMoney said...

Porch Monkey is the name of that rig at the end of the day. GEEEEET OOUUUUUUTTTT!!!

Paul? said...

Had some sweet footage but a huge vortex came from tommy's ass and now it is lost forever. Good times!

Daily doses said...

Hahahaha.. yea tommy's ass tends to do that. We figured out his kryptonite though... Duct Tape!! Noted.
And Tmoney.. pretty sure the name of that rig is Evans Roof. Where the hell did you get porch monkey??