Friday, March 27, 2009


So Paul Jung threw up a video on vimeo of our day at the Lilly Boulders last weekend.
Its a nice motivating video of some cool boulders, and us trying not to demolish children...  you'll see.
Video includes:
-Hume Problem, 7c/+
-O.P.P., 7a+
-Mojo, 7c
-Porch Monkey/ Evan's Roof, 7b+
-Recluse, 8a. (my epic attempts)
yes.. next time!

Nice vid Paul! Good times!



Jon Glassberg said...

I have a serious thing for Tommy.

Caleb Boaz said...

REEEEEEEEDDD PANTS! You and Carlo....always with the red pants, I hope you're getting paid

Daily doses said...

hahaha, oh man. I wish.
And jon, get over it. Tommy's mine!
Its a trio thing. Me, tom, n Nate. Kinda got a thing.
You understand.

Paul said...

thanks for doing all the camera work jimmy!

Tommy said...

I just wanna be on you...

Tom said...