Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bishop 1

Alright, so its been forever since ive updated i know.. but since i've been sitting in the Las Vegas Airport for 12 hrs now.. i figured i might as well.

The past month or so has been filled with tons of action!
I returned from Boulder, Co around Feb. 15th. And have just been chillin mostly.
Climbing a few times around chatty, and also took a sick trip to Southern Illinois with my bro's
Scotty Gross, Jon Glassberg, Nate Draughn(pierced), Kasia, and the Ryan Carl.
Check for that update!

After that, a week later me and Kasia were on our way out to Bishop, Ca for our Spring Break.
Bishop was killer! Easily the best stone/ climbing area ive ever seen.
Aesthetics, highballs, good weather, and the open range just littered with gigantic egg featured blocs.. incredible.
haha. also the occasional sloper..
During this trip i realized what my climbing really needs..
A. Crimp strength
B. A better head towards highballs.
Which im truly syked to try and work on!
Anyways.. im bout to run outa time here.
Ill blog some more when i get back home.


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