Saturday, March 21, 2009

Took a small day trip out to Rocktown yesterday to try a few classics and possibly a couple projects.. Chaz and Kasia came along, and were syked on finishing off a couple classics.
Kasia ended up sending the Sherman Photo Roof 7a+.. and Chaz ended up falling off the last moves of The Orb Direct, and Sherman Traverse! He was soo close, and im sure he'll be out to finish these off in the next week! 
I wasn't able to try the projects due to our short time frame.. but i was able to send a rare bloc in the back called Kearny Problem, 7c.  This somewhat classic boulder lies right off Rescue 911. I was syked!
Here's a little teaser.



Goulash said...

yo, blogs looking good!!
where's this kearny problem at?

Daily doses said...

Thnks G. yea that rigs in the back next to Rescue 911. That cool area right behind Helicopter.