Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cumberland Video

So here's a clip i threw together of some of the climbing out on tha cumberland.
The vids alright minus the midsection being cut out of Salo's roof.  SHIT!
While i was uploading it onto my computer for some reason the camera wigged and i lost most of the climb. So i cut it in the middle and started it up at the end... missing 7-8 nice moves out the horizontal bloc...
Other than that the vid includes:

Tommy on a warm up, v2
Jon Gass sending Riverfront v5
Tommy on Salo's Roof, v10
Me sending the supposed project.  now dubbed Seven Eleven, v11

Im really syked on this area... though its limited to only a handful of boulders.. there are still some sick projects on the horizon!  And you best believe i'll be back!!!



Paul said...

Nice work ladies!

Anonymous said...

So whats up with calling Pep Boys Cumberland? and naming all of those problems whatever you want? What are you a Bob Horan wannabee? No offense but if your gonna go to the trouble of filming and posting, show a little respect to those who have been climbing there for the last 20 years.

Daily doses said...

I dont know man, called it Cumberland cause its on the cumberland trail. Pepboys is fine, if thats what you want. Its like lrc being called stonefort. no difference? Same place, same boulders, does it matter that much?
And as for the boulders.. i'm not familiar with this area, and everyone i know has no clue of names, grades or watever. Its funny when people say "no offense" as they quickly jump at people for misnaming they're bouldering areas and the boulders. So since your so obviously butt hurt about people misnaming your problems.. please. enlighten me of the boulders in my video. Thats all you had to do. There's no reason to insult others over who did wat first, or if this blocs, named this.
Its allll good buddy.
So please, with everything else aside..
Enlighten me and everyone else on the boulders at pepboys.
Im interested and all ears.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the previous anonymous poster, but I do know it's been called Pep Boys for well before it was even on the Cumberland Trail. I haven't lived in Chatty for many years now but It sounds pretty much the same as usual The new generation erases the next. Nice video though, reminds me how old I am.

Nasty Nate said...

Pep Boys or Cumberland, whatever you call it...really who cares?..but um..that place looks sick man! Ya cant go wrong with Weezy!

Sorry we couldn't meet up with ya.
Gonna try and get down to chatty one more time before schools out.