Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deadpointmagazine video

So recently, filmaker Spencer Victory has been making trips down to chatty to film me on certain classic boulder problems of the Southeast.  The reasoning behind this video was to basically showcase some cool blocs, and to possibly give me a bit of recocgnition around the climbing community.  Though all of this filming was hard fucking work, there was a nice positive outcome on the whole situation!
This video is definitely up to par!  and props to Spencer on the edit/filming. 
Good stuff man!
Hope everyone enjoys it. 

More from spencer:

Oh, and also i have a certificate for a free pair of Evolve climbing or approach shoes! 
Ha, and since im poor.. im planning on selling this certificate for 50 bucks... so if your syked and in need of some new kicks, just holla.



Nasty Nate said...

Saw the vid. Its sick. Got me really syked! King James is some kind of jewel now that I got that heel beta. Sick work man. Chatty is the jam!

you still goin to S. Africa this summer or you COin it?

Alex said...

Sick Jimmy! Nice video! King James looks tall!! I'll have to check it out the next time I'm out there.

Daily doses said...

Thanks dudes. yea King James is incredible. A little tall, exposed, some trickery, power. Its got it all!
Glad you guys enjoyed. It was hellish filming for this. I died a little inside.. ha.
and yea nate, COin fa sho!
Syked man.
hope to see you out there..