Wednesday, April 8, 2009



So this past couple weeks have been sick.  Been doing alot of training at our local TBA climbing gym, kinda been working on my endurance, and power.  Feeling stronger then ever!! Unfortunately all the intense training brings along achy joints, and sore tendons..  but recently i have (for the first time) been trying to actually eat right, and lay of the coca-cola!
My inspiration comes from the dream of climbing hard!!! I've always been infatuated with the idea of making the impossible somewhat effortless.. i've been feeling strong recently, and know i can be stronger.

Time to get down to brass tacks..

On another note..  i've been climbing at this nice area that we call Cumberland.
Its got nice roofs, sick projects and classic warmups/moderates.
We went out again today with friends Janitor Rankins, Tmoney, Ian, and Tomas.
Main goals were to get on Salo's Roof 7c+, and another hard problem called Gross's Roof, 8a 

Peeps were amped today!!
First try on Salo's roof i made it past the last crux (basically finished) to the jug rest. Pulled right hand to this large shelf that ended up ripping off and hitting me in the chest.
From there i had 10ft flail to the ground landing on my back.
Luckily enough the shelf landed next to me on the ground, and not on my head.
Afterwards Ronnie fired the rig. I sent right after, and Tmoney came through in the end to finish off the 3 way!

After that we headed off to try Gross's Roof.
This climb is just about as close as the south will get to  "El Teco" the classic 8a in the Tanks.

From the start this climb felt impossible. but after trying multiple beta's I was able to solve the bloc for the 2nd ascent. This one i thought was quite difficult for me.. but im multiple days on, and feeling super sore from yesterdays training.

Tired yet syked!!

Sorry no photos or vids from today.
Been more focused on the climbing experience rather then sitting behind the camera at every possible second.

Get out and enjoi it!!




Nasty Nate said...

Word! gotta see whats up with this cumberland hotness...


Daily doses said...

Bring it bud!
Ill show you around.
No red this weeknd

Anonymous said...

yo man long time no talk
been doing alot of hiking and found one of the biggest boulderfeilds in the big south Fork alot like dayton but not as spread apart need to hit me up and come chill

Daily doses said...

Sounds sick man. big south fork!! tons of potential there i knew it!! but uhh who this?