Sunday, October 11, 2009

HCR Trip

So this weekend me, kasia, and Voges are planning a trip to the HCR in Jasper, Arkansas. Needless to say, i am syked!!
The last time Kasia and I were in the AR it was a very short trip.. and i wasn't able to get on half of the problems i had in mind.
This time around should be different. We're rolling out of chattown on friday, and arriving that night. Climbing saturday - tuesday afternoon. Basically syked on anything, but here is a small tic list i've put together for the trip.

Bloody Knuckles, v11
Antihero, v13
Tang, v10

-Fred's Cave-
One Inch Pinch, v12

-Sam's Throne-
King Lion, v12

Wood Grain Grippin, v14

In other news, Voges took me out to a cool area today to show me two problems Deliverance, V10. and Cannibus, V10.
I was syked, despite the heat.. and was able to send both.
Here's a vid.


Two from Chattown from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Evan said...

Prolly should stay off bloody knuckles. It's deer season here and he gets mad when people go on his land during hunting season.

Daily doses said...

Ah damn! thanks for the heads up.

Evan said...

No problem. Good luck going to the roadside boulders. Pretty scary these days. There's a film premiere for Arkansas Experience this saturday night at the ranch. 10 bucks gets you beer, a movie and music. Check it out! See ya out there!

Daily doses said...

Sick, sounds like a good time! We will be there!

Anonymous said...

Do you mind me asking where The Deliverance is?