Monday, October 26, 2009


Today me, kasia, and Voges made our way out to LRC and met up with knoxtown cat Matthew Ayers. Me and B we're syked to try a few projects in the field. 1st being the Tthong proj. Now dubbed Tall Tee! This one involves a few easier moves( around v8 ) setting up into a VERY difficult move off a small left edge to a sloping lip. After that it ends on a casual, classic v6 to the top. Not sure where this one is gonna stand, but it will be tough. Hopefully it goes soon!
We then hiked out to The Power of Amida. A problem i did earlier this year, fresh from Hueco. Voges was syked to try it, and Matthew gave his best efforts to warm up on a v7... STOUT!
Not too much later Voges dispatched, and kasia got some footage. CLIP!
After this we hiked to another project located behind the mousetrap crack. This one is a beautiful slab with a fun and easy start to a very hard top section. Basically standing on shitty smears, thrutching to a slopey gastone, and then matching on another shitty gastone. After this, we have no clue.... Someone please open this one up. I am sceptical this one will even go ( for me ).
Then kasia gave Bedwetters some efforts, and got pretty close but no dice. NEXT TIME!
Then went to an old Andrew Gross problem we're calling AGR (Another Gross Route). Which starts on Jut Strut and hits the key gastone as a right handed side pull and shoots BIG straight up and left to a shitty sloper. Probably somewhere around v10, and VERY height dependent.
This season i am most syked on the new boulders. There are plenty of beautiful projects out there, and its about time some of them get the respect, time, and effort they deserve!


The Power of Amida V10 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


David said...

Looks like I'm going to have to swear off your blog, but I'll probably just stay tuned in. I could not be more psyched about some southern sandstone. Especially FAs in the most classic areas and really hard new things. Get after it!

Anonymous said...

sounds like there are a lot of projects at LRC! hope you get them done! more problems for the triple crown comp!

forecaster said...

once again the offer stands. come upstate and i promise you unlimited lines.

Scott Gross said...

Good shit man!