Saturday, October 24, 2009

First nice day at the HP 40

So yesterday me, Kasia, Nate, Voges, and Joe beth trucked down to Hp 40. This would be my first HP trip in a little less then a year so I was stoked. Voges and I had our sights set on a couple hard, unrepeated boulders as well as a few projects.. We started off the day by Voges doing a cool Line called Odd Job. I was able to get some decent footage of the boulder before my camera died.. so i threw together a small clip. After this Kasia and Nate tried The Flow, unsuccessful.. Then we went down to Genetic to see if Voges or I had a 2nd ascent in us somewheres.. No dice, but close! Then we went over to Balrog. A nice cave line that climbs up between two boulders using the coolest sloping rail. We both were able to complete, and Voges went on to crush Hot N Tot.
We then hiked out to the Ten Pins area so Nate could try a couple classics he had his sights on, and kasia could try Ghetto Superstar. In the middle of all this i got syked on an old Jeff Whales project that does the first 3 moves of Ghetto and treads right on some slopers. I got close, and hit my face on the rock. Kasia CRUSHED Ghetto, and we were off to meet Voges and Joe Beth at the Stingray Proj. We worked out some beta on the line, and had a few near linkups into the start of stingray.. but with light fading, and a lack of skin we decided to call it. So we finished off the day watching kasia try slider some, and headed out for some burritos!
I was syked on the good weather, and hope there is more of it to come.


Odd Job V8 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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