Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arkansas quick recap

So the 4 day trip to Arkansas was a blast! I must say, Arkansas is by far one of the best areas to go bouldering. With tons of classic areas, littered with a range of easy - difficult boulders.. any climber can have a good time. We got lucky with the weather, and all days where pretty cold, and sunny. I'd say the only downside to the whole trip was Voges ripping multiple flappers on the first day! But with syke and some solid effort he was still able to get shit done!


Day 1: We decided to go to Fontain Red and Fred's Cave. We warmed up on a couple moderates, and a nice v2 arete. Afterwards we hiked over to Fred's Cave where Voges and I were able send Buddy. Then Voges went on to send Chunk up the Deuce, in the sickest fashion. and i was able to complete One Inch Pinch.

Day 2: We went early out to a roadside area near 74. I tried Wood Grain Grippin, and surprisingly felt pretty close! I did all the moves, and linked the boulder in 2 parts. NEXT TIME! Then we headed back to the ranch, where kasia and nate sent a cool v8 arete called Numerical Methods.

Day 3: We hiked out to the Zone area, near HCR. After about 2 hrs of trudging through the woods Voges and I found the zone. We hiked back up the hill to our pads, and then back down to the boulders. We warmed up on some randoms, and we all were able to send a nice v7 roof. Afterwards we went over to the Zone where i was able to make quick work, while kasia and Nate tried a hard arete on the same boulder.

Day 4: We went back out to Fontain Red and Fred's Cave since its on the way home. Warmed up on the same blocs and Voges and I did a cool problem called Center Splooge. then we went back to Fred's where Voges crushed Fred's Cave 2nd go, and I was able to do Daniel's PCP traverse. Then we hiked back over to Fontain where we did some more moderates, and i was able to flash Broken Earth.

Can't wait to get back to the AR this December!!
Here's a couple clips from the trip


Arkansas 1 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Arkansas 2 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Barrett said...

Thanks for putting up some video of the old classics. I did Center spooge FA without the low right hand before the headwall. Contrived maybe...but certainly harder without it. Nice job on everything else.

Daily doses said...

Thanks man, that line is perfect! Just screaming to be climbed. Props