Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Day

Today's LRC session was nice. The weather was cool, and the rock was mostly dry. We warmed up in the front and quickly got on I Think I Can. I was feeling decent and decided to go try Tall Tee. But no dice... my ankle is still a bit sprained and the large move to the arete was KILLING me. So I decided to call it. Afterwards we went over to The Noogan, so i could stay a little closer to the deck. I gave it 3 or 4 tries, falling on the big move each time. I felt good, and could've finished but the stretched out match was a tweaker on the ankle. Kasia then wanted to go over to Mann Hans? So we hiked over. She did the crux move quick and was satisfied. I for SOME reason decided to try this terrible boulder.. in a few tries i sent, but would never recommend anyone to try this rockclimb. Absolutely terrible... im sorry. Jacob was out with us and wanted to head over to the Cleopatra bloc. I ran up the Cindy Cleo Traverse, while he got really close on cleo! Kasia also crushed Cleopatra, and Cinderella. With light fading i met up with Weaver, and Drolet. Brad was COMPLETELY trashed, and basically bleeding.. but i drug his ass over to The Law anyways.. haha sorry B. And with great surprise i was able to send on my 1st try! I unfortunately put a hole in my tip, but it feels good to see some progression!

Aight so here's a clip i threw together


Good Times in the Nooga from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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Brion said...

I'm a likin' this - funny stuff