Friday, January 1, 2010

A Day in Alabama

Today we all took off to Alabama. All syked from a couple days of rest it was destine to be a good day. I had my eyes set on "the room project" which i tried quite a bit last season. It involves sick moderate arete climbing to start, and a desperate high foot barn door slab to finish! Voges and I sat down and quickly got to work. We were both getting owned on the last moves, and a send seemed very unlikely.. I sat down discouraged and said the famous words.. "one more go." All of a sudden i had a renewed focus, and went up the boulder seemingly effortless! Finding myself at the top i basically flipped out. This was by far one of the best feelings i've had in a while, and was stupid syked to have finished it. Now she is called " The Boss" V11.
Meanwhile Nate grabbed 2 pads and ran down to Squeeze Box, v8 for a quick dispatch! Nice work!
On an earlier note, we started off the day with Rami sending Big Poppa V8. Then we strolled over to a supposed project, that involves a weird undercling match and finishes on a super tension move out left to a sidepull. We all gave it some efforts and tried figuring out the beta.. and in the end i was able to finish! Calling it Innovation, v9. This one is very good and MUCH harder than it looks. Nate should have vid up soon. So with it getting later we hiked back so Nate could try Bread Loaf Factory Low, v10. He had some sick goes, but no send. We're gonna head back out there tomorrow so he and Voges can have some redemption!

For now here is a clip that includes me on the FA of Bread Loaf Factory Low V10


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