Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bishop 3

So we're currently back in the Nooga! Im syked to be home. Rest dayz are much needed right now. I have three splits and bruised tips so those need time to heal. Plans for the future include Training for Colorado in early may, and training for Soco. My endurance right now im sure is complete shit so there is major work to be done!

I know i never finished recapping the trip so here is a quick look into our last 3 days.

Friday as planned we headed out to try Spectre. The problem was not completed but i felt agonizingly close on the crux move and feel as if we had more time i could maybe put it together. Oh well. Another one for next year. Prior to that i ran up some classic highballs! Suspended in Silence, v5. and the classic v6 to the left. (dunno the name).ULTRA CLASSIC!! After this we went over to the Sads. Jacob and Kasia were syked on a couple climbs and Voges and I were syked on a Problem called Shazam Sit, v9/10. I was able to send and Jacob and Kasia got REALLY close on Pow Pow, V8. I finished the day trying to run up some classics. Which Included: Pow Pow, v8. Los Locos, V7, and Rio's Crack, v6. With no thought to the next day i trashed my skin. Three Bruised tips, and three split tips.... no bueno..

Saturday we ran up to the Buttermilks for what ended up a Balln ass day for Brion! I was basically thrashed but i decided to try hard with him. He was syked to try the Mandala SDS, V13. Theres was a slew of hard climbers attempting the line so we thought what the hell, and jumped in. I was able to link the sit into the stand a few times but wasnt able to do the higher crux with the amount of tape required to keep my fingers in tact.. I basically rolled off the high edge, splitting the tape in half, and my finger. Meanwhile brion was attempting the bottom, but couldn't seem to link into the stand. I sat there taking my shoes off thinking " damn, if he just does the bottom he won't fall off the top" And not to my surprise, next go, the boy was on top!
Then, as if that wasn't enough, Voges decided he had some extra skin and energy by hiking up Direction V13 in under an hour!
Sickness, i know. i know!

And at last Sunday arrived. I was laughing about how bad my skin was, and Voges was just about in the same boat. We hiked up to Xaviers Roof, V11. This was Brions last main climb on his list so he was determined to top it off right. He sent the line in three tries and we bounced. To finish the day we dropped Issabelle, Jacob, Brion, and Joe Beth off at the Happies to meet up with Janitor Stankins. Then kasia and I proceeded to the Buttermilks to enjoy the sun and climb with Cali Locals Tim, and Dan. Not much happened. Just some more skin shredd'n and a couple moderate classics. The day ended and we hiked out tired, and ready for home! Trip over, and i already can't wait for next year!!!

Filming on this trip was definately at a minimum. Sorry to those of you who were syked on watching a few crappy/ poorly edited flics of mine! Seemed our main focus was just on climbing and hanging out. Plus we were very absent minded about charging the damn thing.. oh well.

Anyway, here is one vid i've managed to throw together. In includes Mr. Voges crushing a few of them buttermilk classics!


Bishop, Ca from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Narc said...

How dare you focus on climbing and not filming everything for our enjoyment!!???!! :)

Daily doses said...

hahaha i know i know... im so selfish.

Anonymous said...

Nice vid, but I'm not sure if you guys knew where some of the problems started. In this video, on scanner darkly, Brion is two moves into the problem, from where he did the problem is only V10, the crux of the problem is reaching left hand into the sidepull/undercling and walking your feet through to where Brion started from.


Kasia said...

Oh really? Wow, in the guidebook i thought it said on the two opposing cracks. Reading the description now its super unclear! Oh Wel,l i guess we'll have to try it again next year! Thanks charlie!