Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Bishop

So a few more days are up here in Bishop. I unfortunately had to miss one day of climbing due to fluid build up in my left knee..?? Don't know what brought that on, but the rest of the trip was looking iffy.. Luckily enough i woke up yesterday pissed off and said fuck it im climbing anyway. Warming up proved hard, but an hour into it, along with a few pills i was good to go! We started off at the Carter boulder where things got done! Kasia and Issabelle sent the classic Seven Spanish Angels, V7. Me and Brion were able to complete A Scanner Darkly, V12. And kasia also ran up Get Carter, V7.

Temps were feeling ripe so then we decided to bust over to the Beehive area to try our luck on The Swarm. This one proved to be a very difficult crimp problem basically revolving around one move. My skin was already split on two tips so around 20 minutes was about all i had till i was toast! I definately had a few really nice goes where i felt as if it could get done, but time was ticking. Guess it'll have to wait till next year..

On the way out we decided to go check out A form Destroyer, V12. This ones just a small three move power boulder, that finishes on a nice tall slabby finish. I had seen vids of this line ever since i started climbing so needless to say my syke ran high. Chalking up i knew all the beta, and just pulled on a fired it first try! It always feels really good to see a problem for so long, and finally be able to come try it. Plus theres always the added bonus of flashing hard boulders. :)

Today is another rest day so we're just chillin. We sat in the hot springs for a bit..saw some old naked dudes... And now we just ate some food at a sick good local deli. My skin is definately in need of more rest but tomorrow we will head out early for our first round of attempts on Spectre!

Also Chattown oldie Ronnie Jenkins is gonna be driving in tomorrow night from his new home here in Cali. So it'll be cool to see a familiar face!


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badash said...

Good job on all the sick hard sends. I hope you're taking vids and/or pics! Keep rippin it up JWEB!