Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stayin Syked

Wow, been a while since i've updated. Honestly not much has been going on. The weather here in Chatty has gotten a bit on the warm side so i've been spending the majority of my time indoors training. I've never been big on training but with our trip to Colorado coming up in about a month i've been most syked to step it up! Also to help me out with my training i've purchased a Moon Hangboard! If this doesn't improve my crimp strength, i dont know what will!!

Today for a change of scenery i went out sport climbing to try my luck on Soco. Interestingly enough i felt pretty good on the route, considering I haven't done any endurance training in almost a year.. On my first go i made it half way up the route feeling quite pumped and out of touch.. but my 2nd burn was much better! I basically made it to the last crux section and fell clipping the 2nd to last bolt! From here i quickly pulled up the rope and got on for the one hang! Syked to head out on saturday and try to finish it off! Brad Weaver was also out there today and is making QUICK work of the route! He fell twice on the last section, and will DEFINATELY crush the rig on saturday! Syked to work on this thing with him! Puts the whole realm of sport climbing together for me.

Also, i am most syked on the upcoming week! I've got a hold of Nate Draughn and Rami out in the Boone, NC. This next week is their spring break so they're looking to spend it climbing! So with the weather looking DAMN good there for the whole week I am gonna pack up and head that way and see what we can get done!! SYKED!

Here's a small ticlist i've thrown together to keep me motivated!

- Engine Bloc Project
- Big Black Crack
- Funny Bone
- Kratos
- Beasley's Face Sit
- Don Johnson
- Love Johnson
- Preferential Treatment
- Movement on Stone
- Big Booty Judy
- Temporal Analogs of Paradise
- Atomic Melvin Sit project



Dave said...

Jimmy, glad to hear you picked up the moonboard. It is the best fingerboard on the market!

Can you post your workout routine that you do on it?

Daily doses said...

Oh for sure man. Honestly right now i haven't had the chance/skin to use it. But soon im gonna start off with one of the Moon Training plans. And eventually tweak it a bit and make a routine that suits what i want most!

If you haven't already, check this: said...

we can't sit here and let you call the moon board the best one on the market, glad to see you've started fingerboarding though give us a shout when your skin is all rapey and your knuckles are sore. (my mate carved that moonboard)

Dave said...

I'll post my current moonboard routine if you're interested...