Monday, March 8, 2010

Bishop update

So today is our first rest day here in bishop. So far the weather has been nice and climbing has been great! On our first day we Arrived at the peabodys to find it quite cold, and snowing. We quickly warmed up and all ran up the ultra classic high plains drifter. After this voges and I were syked to try the buttermilker. And with some quick work we both sent the stand. Then it was off to the mandala for voges to give is long awaited flash attempt. I first wanna start off by saying that this boulder was built for brion! And in no time at all he was hiking the crux in wat looked like around v5. And topped out with enough syke and energy to probably down climb the damn thing. For all of you interested in brions take on the problem/ grade/ start dilema. Go check his blog at

On our second day we decided to run back over to the buttermilker to try and polish off the sit start. We both gave a couple nice efforts falling off the last move. Then I was able to dispatch with brion following right behind. Then to finish off the day we ran over to the happies where everyone got a problem done. To speed things up here's a small list!

Jacob, issabelle, and kasia did gleamer v6
voges sent toxic avenger v9/10. And flashed acid wash v9/10.
And I climbed a newish line called kill onsight v12.

So like I said were resting today. Skin is feeling pretty decent so tomorrow were heading out to try the swarm, and spectre. Big day, I know.. Haha. Wish us luck, were gonna need it!



Dave said...

Acid Wash at V9? I thought Chris Webb Parsons was strange to suggest it but I guess I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

what? no video?? hummmmm

Daily doses said...

Yea I dunno. Could be 9 could be 10. Depends who you ask. And yea... No vid yet. Camera has been dead! Hopefully soon though!