Friday, February 12, 2010

Abs Qualifiers

So qualifiers are now over. Im pretty stoked on how i climbed today! I was able to flash the first 4 problems and zoned on the last two, which puts me in 4th place going into finals!! Congratulations to everyone who came out today, and good luck to all the finalist!


18. Ryan Olson

17. Zach Lerner

16. Erik Paulsen

15. Kyle Owen

14. Joshua Levin

13. Paul Wallace

12. Alex Johnson

11. Matt Bosley

10. Adam Markert

9. Gabor Szekely

8. CArlo Traversi

7. Julian Bautista

6. Rob D'Anastasio

5 .Jimmy Webb

4. Magnus Mitboe

3. DAniel Woods

2. Vasya Vortnikov

1. Paul Robinson

Also here is a short clip of me doing 3 of the 6 qualifying boulders! Much thanks goes out to Issabelle Faus for her terrific camera work!!


2010 ABS Qualifiers from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Nizza Grandpouce said...

Top effort!

Brad said...

good luck!

Jordan said...

Awesome man! Good luck representin' for Chatty!