Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday Voges and I ran out to Alabama so he could try and complete Skeletor. The thing spit him off for a while, but in the end he had the last laugh! This one being his complete anti-style, i believe he has hit a new level in his climbing. After this our buddy Alex M ran us over to the newly opened sport/bouldering area "Steele". We didn't get to see much but what we did it see was really good. Voges and I both did a cool highball called Reconciliation. HIGHLY recommended! Then we finished off with a new line just to the left that i called Steel Reserve. It starts on two rad opposing side pulls and traverses right to left across the gorgeous face. Go check it out!

Tomorrow we're gonna be heading to the Moss Rock Bouldering competition! Should be a rad time! Also it's gonna be endurance format so we shall see how I do. Honestly syked on the format, cause more fitness is DEFINATELY what i need right now.
If you need some more info on the comp check out

And on another note i am SO syked to announce that we are heading to Bishop next friday!! Words can't even describe the syke we got, and shit is gonna get DONE!! Voges specifically is going to own this place. It hosts some of the hardest boulders, that are perfectly in his style. Kids gonna blow up in about 14 days!!

Here's a small tic list i've throw together for the trip

-Buttermilker ( original start )
-Mandala SDS
-Goldfish Trombone
-Kill Onsight
-The Swarm
-Fight Club

Also here's a clip of Voges' Day in Bama

Voges in alabama from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The name Steele Reserve was taken months ago. Go check 8a udeactivated took the name months ago. decent boulder field huh.

Nizza Grandpouce said...

Really enjoy your blog and vids Jimmy. Keep crushing.