Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yet another quickee!

Today we went rockclimbing again. Crew consisted of Me, Brion Voges, Hugh Huffaker, and Nathan Drolet. Everyone climbed really well and there were some notable sendz! Voges quickly got the 2nd ascent of my problem "Big Mac" V9, and Hugh climbed the classic "babe" v8 with the quickness. After this Voges climbed the 4th ascent of The Bosnian, V10. I got video of the send but the footage is awful. I basically got the camera out just in time for the send. Whatever, i threw together a quick clip anyhow. Check below! Also to finish the day we went further down the road to try a project sit start to Bubba Bean. After some sussing out of the moves i was able to complete the problem! It felt really stretched out and i wouldn't think anyone under 5'10 could do this boulder.. unless your just a complete monster! Anyway, i thought it was around v10 and i called it Bubba Gump.
Tomorrow is a rest day, and tuesday i am going out for what hopefully will be my last round of attempts on Tall Tee!!


Brion Voges and The Bosnian from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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