Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bosnian

Things around here have been a little uneventful i know. Mainly because the weather the past couple weeks has been complete shit! No worries though! The past couple days i've made it out and sampled some of the best sandstone near chattanooga. Today especially was a nice day to be out! Me, Kasia and Jacob headed out to a spot just down the road. I had my sights set on the 3rd ascent of James Litz' "The Bosnian" After a fun warm up i started trying this lowball project. Felt hard but i figured out some trickery and she went. Called it Big Mac, V9 or so. Then we hustled down the road to try the bosnian before it got too late. At first a send was looking unlikely. but then i figured out the ackward first move and just had the top to deal with. I then started from a stand start to scope out the top, and soon found out that the top sloping rail was drenched!! A bit bummed, i decided to give it one solid effort from the bottom. Easily enough i made it through the lower crux and stuck the large move to the crimp and just went for it! I made a large move to the lip and had to cut my feet on the wetness, looking down at the pads i coulda sworn i was coming off. But i managed, and went to the top!! Very Syked to finish this line, and in my opinion it is one of the best in the Nooga!

Here's a little sumthin

The Bosnian from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Nasty Nate said...

Messed around on that shizz a while back a lil. Dope work!! kill it in the VA man!!

Brad said...

HD shit is lookin killa! good luck next weekend. we should go back to the creek soon!

Daily doses said...

Yea i upgraded that ish to premium!! HD in full effect!! And yes, we should definately head back to the creek, there's still a few lines/ areas im syked to explore!! Catfish project is siiicckk!!!! Could be right up your alley Brad!

Thanks Nate, get back to the Chatt!