Monday, February 15, 2010

ABS Nationalz n ish

So im back now from the abs nationals in VA. The comp overall was fantastic! The setting was incredible, and the scene was hype! I ended up placing 7th out of the 19 that went to Finals! Not too bad, though i felt as if i could have done much better. Ah well, thats how it goes.

On another note, i am back in the nooga!!! The weather is a little iffy right now, which is a bummer, but i soon see a break in the clouds, and projects are gonna get done! Tomorrow i am going to be heading up to LRC with friends Chaz Warren, and Jacob Fellers. Chaz is super close on White Face, and i have some business to attend to with the Tall Tee Proj, and Barndoor! Really syked! Wish us luck!

For those interested here are the Final Results from the comp.
1 Daniel Woods
2 Matt Bosley
3 Robert D'Anastasio
4 Zach Lerner
5 Magnus Mitboe
6 Adam Markert
7 Jimmy Webb
8 Paul Robinson
9 Gabor Szekely
10 Carlo Traversi
11 Vasya Vorotnikov
12 Ian Dory
13 Alex Johnson
14 Kyle Owen
15 Ryan Olson
16 Julian Bautista
17 Joshua Levin
18 Paul Wallace


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badash said...

Good luck on your proj, jimmy!