Saturday, January 23, 2010

La Sportiva

So today was a beautiful, windy, and very much dry day here in the South! A crew of us five took off towards Alabama with high hopes and fresh skin. The Day over all was sick, BClev crushed a few v9's, and I was able to get the FA of a cool v8 I called 50 Words for Crazy. Brad, Nate Draughn, and Drolet also followed behind quickly with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ascents! BAWSE! Brad also went on to do Underworld, v10, Dog Laudnum v10, and Hustle and Flow, v10. GOOD DAY!!

And now, I would like to focus directly on a very strong athlete i have come to know more and more over the past few months.. La Sportiva Athlete Brad Weaver. Brad has been known in the climbing world as a very good route climber. With sick ascents of almost every hard route in the Red River Gorge, and a slew of others across the states! Many of us round here started to wonder if this kid could actually boulder hard? Or if he just had the ability to hold on to jugs for 2 hours? Ha. Well, over the past few months i would like to say this kid can pull hard!! Almost every time i hear the kids going out, he's sending something! Recently, brad has made quick ascents of classics like The Shield v12, The Chattanoogan V12, Testify V12, The anti-hero V12, One Inch Pinch, V12 and the list goes on, and on. This being his first season he's dedicated to bouldering, who knows whats to come outa this kid?!! Also, be sure to check out homies blog!!

Also to add to my rambling.. some of you may know i am now an official La Sportiva athlete! I have to say this has always been a dream of mine. La Sportiva DEFINATELY makes the best shoes on the market, and i've always been a huge fan! My first kicks i ordered were the Muira VS, and the Speedsters! The Muira VS are easily my favorite shoe at the moment. With a high performance toe box and a suction cup heel, this shoe fits me like a glove!! And though i haven't had the chance to break in the Speedsters, i feel as if this one will be my favorite. Like its older brother the mantras, i LOVE slip ons!!!!

Aight enough of this shit, here's a clip of Brad's day in the woods!!



La Sportiva athlete Brad Weaver from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Many of us are wondering if this Webb kid can actually climb hard? Or if he just has the ability to do 10 second strength tricks 8 feet off the deck?

Chain Slang said...


aaronkupferer said...

i like the toe-hook move where brad puts on a t-shirt... ha (video edit)! seriously, keep rockin'

Daily doses said...

Ha, good one. Love anonymous burns!! Cant be man enough to put your name on something, don't say anything at all. Usually the best idea!

Brad said...

thanks for the shoutout mayne! sick edit!