Monday, January 11, 2010

Fire in the Mountains

Lack of updates i know. So here i am now with two new vids. One you may have already seen, and one i put together 5 minutes ago.

1st vid is of our day at hp40 last week. Includes Ben Tsui climbing a classic v3, the orca. And Voges cruising the 2nd ascent of Matchmaker, v11.

2nd vid is of today at rocktown. Includes Nate crushing Speculum V9. And me on the FA of Fire in the Mountains, v12.

So, today at rocktown. Starting off the day i felt weak and tired from this past weekends comp in GVILLE. Which was a success! I took first in open men, and Kasia took 2nd behind our good friend Kate Reese. Chaz also was able to take third in Advanced.. therefore our total cash purse for the ride home was 1600 billz and some free sportivas!!

But yea today was nice. A little cold, and warming up seemed a bit difficult... as usual. After warming up Voges and I spotted a one move sitsart to the Orb Area mantle. Starting on two holds spread out, and does the first move off a sketchy heel hook to the jug on the 6. We tried and tried and finally made the heel stay! We dubbed the new line Gumption, V10.
After this we were off to Speculum. Nate had worked out the moves last trip, and was determined on taking it down. Which he did. DUH! BOY IS STOUT!!!!
Then later on in the day we made our way to the Choctaw bloc. There was a project on this wall that i tried briefly last year. The problem starts same as choctaw sundial and goes straight up the face, linking over into the finishing moves on Choctaw. This problem may not be the BEST problem out there, but by far not the worst. With back to back crux moves, and bunchy feet this one packed a solid punch! Voges and I worked out some moves, and i started making some links! On what could have been my final try, i stuck the crux hold and literally fought my way to the top. I called this one Fire in the Mountains.. mainly because it resembles the fight it took to take it down. Im not quite sure on the grade.. I called it v12 but it could potentially be easier. I am in pain, and i split a tip, with tape on....

Until next time, Enjoi!

2 from HP from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

Rocktown 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.


Nasty Nate said...

Dope Vid Homie! Syked to get down there again soon! ASAP!

Matt said...

I was told about a roof full of "v14's" past western gold. have been up that way any truth??

Daily doses said...

I dont know about FULL of v14's.. but i know of one roof past western gold that could potentially have something really hard on it. And also before western gold near the creek there is most likely a v14 coming out a near horizontal on some fucking small holds!
I would definately love to see that one go.