Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mega Man Second Ascent

So a few days ago we traveled out to alabama so Brion could try and complete the 2nd ascent of my problem Mega Man, V11. Which he did, in just a few tries. Also before that he managed a very casual flash of Hustle and Flow, V10! Very sick!
Earlier that day I was able to make the First Ascent of a very powerful stand start arete I called Chain Slang, V10. Brad and I had tried the arete a couple days prior and was basically getting shutdown. Coming back the weather was a bit nicer/drier, and I was able to hook it up in just a couple of goes! For a one move power bloc, i'd say this one isn't half bad!

Here's a video Nate Draughn threw together of our day there!

Chain Slang and Hustle & Flow(v10) from Nate Draughn on Vimeo.

And here is a quick clip of Brion's ascent of Mega Man

Mega Man V11 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.



Dave said...

Wow, Mega man looks like a quality problem! Where's it located?

Nice work.

Matt said...

the new problem looks sick! nice work.

on another note, just wanted to let you know Josh Reyes is walking through the boulders with the land owner on Friday the 5th to discuss the purchase of the boulders. Just pass the word along to anyone who climbs there to not head out there that Friday. cheers

MikeM said...

DAMN!!! MegaMan looks so good.

Daily doses said...

For sure man! I chatted with him yesterday regarding friday! Mad stoked on the progress we're making and hopefully more people will be able to enjoy this area safely in the near future!!

Daily doses said...

Mega Man is located at a nonsecure area.. so i can't disclose the location. But hopefully in the future, if things go well, it will be open to all!!

Anonymous said...

That's cute, boys. Keep training. Then check out where climbing is REALLY headed - onsighting v10's on routes.

Daily doses said...

haha, very funny bjorn! As impressive as Adam is.. climbing is heading in whichever direction you personally choose. Enjoi :)