Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SO ILL Recap

What up,

So we're back fromour weekend in Southern Illinois.. Not much eventful went down, except for the rain. Friday we hiked up to the Holy Boulders to find a few dry lines, and a few decently dry lines. We all said fuck it and started throwing ourselves at this v9 called Trillium. I was somehow able to come away with a send. Dunno how..
Next day was much nicer! The sun was a out and it was a little warmer. We quickly warmed up and Voges ran up Trillium. Then we moved on to Michael Jordan V11. This line takes on a proud 15 ft bloc up amazing slopers, and finishes on a large crimp move to the lip. We all gave it some sick efforts and in the end i was able to hook it up! Voges also came VERY close, falling off the mantel! SCARY! After this Brad and Voges was syked on trying the New Zero, so Nate and I ran over to this cool problem called Worm's Way, v9. I was able to send, and nate made some nice headway, doing all the moves!
Day 3 was basically BLAH. We hiked up again to the Holy's and it was HAAAWWWTT!!! Me and Kasia did this v6 thing. Dunno what its called. And then i flailed some on a couple problems baking in the sun.

Aight so here's a video of today. Voges and I hiked out to Cumberland to get on Bosley's new addition to the seven eleven roof, "Big Gulp" v11. Finding it wet was a bit unmotivating but we's too fuckin syked!!! We both crushed quickly and I got some vid of Voges. SO ILL vid soon!


Big Gulp from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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