Sunday, January 3, 2010

Recent Activity

So Nate and Rami's Trip is coming to an end. Last night Nate drove Rami to Atlanta to meet up with his ride back home to Raleigh, NC.. and today I took Nate out to a couple remote areas close by. Feeling trashed from days prior nate struggled to keep it together attempting Deliverance, V10. He easily sussed out all the moves, but was unable to finish..... .this time.

After this we hopped in the car and drove half a mile up the road to check out a project on the Lumberjack Bloc. Recently i must say i've been most syked on projects. There's hundreds of incredible problems here in the south, and just as many projects waiting to be done. With new problems around like The boss, Watch your back, and Jeremys new link up on the shield boulder we're all waiting for the big 8B to pop up. And to be honest it could happen any day now. We're all aware of the Tall Tee project at Little Rock City.. which is most definately in the 8B range. and now I have another project that i believe is sitting right there next to it. This project, similar to Tall Tee, revolves around 1 move. A full span throw from a half pad incut, and a three finger pocket to a terrible sloper. After this you finish up the arete on a very nice v8. I tried the problem repeatedly today and got SOO close.. but in the end i was bleeding out of 3 fingers. Bummed of course.. i walked away inspired and syked to return!

On another note Kasia and I are going to be driving to Gainesville, FL this weekend for a huge competition at the Gainesville Rock Gym. I believe there is a massive cash purse available for Mens and Womens divisions, so im hoping all my climbing recently will pay off!! It should be a real good time so wish me luck!

Aight so here are 2 vids for ya!

First one is the 2nd video from our Hueco trip.
Includes Voges sending Diabolique 8B.

And the other is from our last few days of climbing.
Includes Voges getting the 2nd ascents of Bread Loaf Factory Low, and The Boss.


Hueco 2 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

A Couple Southerners from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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