Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I DID THE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup! Today i did "the move" on Tall Tee first try! So syked! Immediately following this I started making ground up attempts. I had a few goes where i thought i was going to send, but no dice... NEXT TIME!!!!
The day then went on well with some strong sends!
Brad Weaver finished off Power of Amida, V10
Senya cruised up Biggie Extention, V12
I was able to do Bert (biggie extention reverse traverse) v11 and made some sick improvement on the Barn Door Project!

On another note we're heading to So ILL this weekend in hopes of some good weather.
High on the list of things to do are Year of the Renegade, v12, Michael Jordan V12, Ring of Fire v10, Recluse v9/10, and the Seam Project.

Until then,


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Jordan said...

dude, you crushed that move. You'll get it next session for sure.